Shia of kufr

Shia Library- “Truly Allah will enter into heaven anyone who obey the priest Ali though he disobeys Allah, and Allah will enter Hell who oppose imam Ali though he disobeys Allah Ta’ala.” (See the book “Confident Kasyful fi Fadhail Amiril Faithful “the work of Al-Hasan ibn Yusuf Al-Hulli Muthahhir, page 8)

They said: “Surely ‘Ali radhiallahu’ anhu, he who divides heaven and hell. He will enter heaven thereto residents and residents of hell into it. “(See the book” Ad-Darajaat Bashair “by Ash-Shaffar, 8/235)

“The real Fatima radhiallahu ‘anha is the incarnation of a god incarnate in the form of a woman.” (See the book “Al-Asrarul Fathimiyyah” by Muhammad Al-Mas’udi, page 355)


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  1. FTP28 says:

    Subhanallah, shia la’natullah ‘alaih

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