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African Tech Blog for the World

African Tech Blog for the World

By on July 22, 2015


The quality of a tech blog can be ascertained just by reading one or two articles posted on the blog. In that vein, if you read the articles posted on, you would come to know that it is a top notch blog dedicated to the field of technology, To be more specific, it is an African tech blog focused on topics concerning the technology of Africa. Even though Somtoo has been there on the internet for only three years, it is managed by a team of experts in technology. Those experts are well informed about the technological situation in Africa and write articles and news based on that.

The primary goal of this African tech blog is to offer news, reviews and educative articles to the African online community and it is fulfilling its goal with aplomb. This blog is primarily from Nigeria but the information that it provides is not limited only to Nigeria. As a matter of fact, it is not limited to Africa alone too. It brings news and information from around the world.


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